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PCB and Flex Prototype and Quickturn:  The Board Shark Advantage

Board Shark reduces cost by providing a broad spectrum of technical solutions, high quality product, on-time delivery, and superior customer service.  Backed by decades of combined experience, Board Shark is your comprehensive prototype / quickturn solution!

Board Shark's prototype offering:

3-7 days lead-time, including delivery
2 layers to HDI, flex, rigid-flex, and IMS / metal base
Quickturn manufacturing in USA and Taiwan

Why Board Shark for protos?

1) Local Support - sales, engineering, and customer service
2) Wide product range, and flexibility to move between technologies (not stuck in just one factory's capabilities)
3) Competitive Cost and Lead-Time
4) Seamless transfer to production ramp and ongoing production
5) Superior customer service!

Get some teeth in your prototype / quickturn supply chain - contact Board Shark today!