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RFQ Checklist

Electronic Data Files:  Gerber or ODB++

The data includes all of the layers required to build the PCB; outer and inner layers, soldermasks and silkscreens. Special layers can also be included such as via fill locations, carbon ink or selective gold plating locations


Fabrication Drawing 

The fab drawing is the most important part of the RFQ package as it defines the board size, mechanical requirements, and quality specifications of the PCB. Critical data includes material type, copper weights, board thickness, (optional) stackup, drill chart, soldermask and silkscreen colors. Board Shark can make recommendations if you are unsure what you need.



Panel / Array Drawing

Board Shark will panelize boards with SMT unless otherwise specified. Ideally, the customer will advise of the panel requirements in the RFQ.  Providing the array requirements at the time of quote ensure quote accuracy and also eliminates the delay for approval of the Board Shark array prior to production. If the array info is supplied, Board Shark will match it.


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